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See Clearly with Contacts From Glasses USA
Dec 27, 2021 - via
Looking to ditch your glasses and try something a little new? Ready to delve into the world of contacts? Glasses USA has everythin
Robert Pattinson Shirtless In 'The Batman,' Flirty With Zoe Kravitz
Dec 27, 2021 - via
Robert Pattinson is oozing sex appeal as the new Batman ... going impressively shirtless and getting super close with co-star Zoe
LeBron James Raps Classic Jay-Z Tracks, Message to Lakers Haters
Dec 27, 2021 - via
LeBron James seems to agree with Jay-Z -- that no one can stand on the same stage with him for a 'Verzuz' -- and maybe, just maybe
Killer Mike's Barbershop Vandalized with Graffiti
Dec 27, 2021 - via
Killer Mike's Atlanta barbershop has been vandalized -- it's a graffiti-riddled mess with a muddled message -- but Mike's message
Winter Series : Prélude en haute altitude
Dec 27, 2021 - via Club Poker : News poker
Ce n'est que l'échauffement mais en ce premier dimanche de Series, les perfs à cinq chiffres commencent à pleuvoir. Vladou111 vali
Fight Breaks Out at Church During Pastor's Sermon Day After Christmas
Dec 27, 2021 - via
Christmas is about peace on earth, but not necessarily peace in Church, because 2 dudes showed a pastor mid-sermon their hands wer